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Filipino Fans Did This to Nam Joohyuk... It Stirs Controversies


| 30 Jul, 2018

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Fans were just way-too-excited to see Nam Joohyuk. 

On July 29th, Nam Joohyuk came to the Philippines for 'Penshoppe Fan-Con' in Manila, together with Sandara Park. While everything seems just fine, an incident that fans grappled Nam Joohyuk arose. It happened when several lucky fans got to take group photos with the model-turned-actor on the stage. 

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Image Source: Twitter '@YgStanxxi' Screenshots

As soon as they came up to the stage, some fans ran towards him and hugged Nam Joohyuk. One fan even spotted aggressively lingered her hands to Nam Joohyuk's waist. As a result, as you can see in the video, things were all awkward for Nam Joohyuk and it's pretty much clear that he was not comfortable with what fans did to him.

Image Source: Twitter '@YgStanxxi' Screenshot

Even during the photo session, Nam Joohyuk could be seen hardly smiling in front of the camera. However, he tried his best to make a finger heart for the sake of fans. 

You can watch the details here.

Source: [Youtube] What'Z Up? Entertainment

Thumbnail Credit: Pensshoppe, Twitter '@YgStanxxi' Screenshot

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