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Finally, After 10 Years, SHINee Members are About to Go on an Actual Vacation Together?


/ 15 Jun, 2018

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Onew talked about how he would like to go on a trip with his members.

Onew and Minho guested on ‘Gayo Plaza’ on June 12th when they were asked, “What is it that you didn’t get to do over this 10 years and wishes to do now?”

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Being a huge soccer and an amazing player himself, Minho shared that he would like to commentate a soccer game and did an impromptu commentating too.

Onew shared that “I would like to go on a vacation with my members” and when asked where does he have in mind, the leader replied “Anywhere is fine as long as our minds match and it doesn’t matter where or when. I just want to go on a vacation with them.”

Image Source: Youtube 'KBS KONG' Screenshot

Onew added that “So we are actually planning it nowadays. We plan to go somewhere near once we have time.”

We hope that comes soon. Watch the moment at the 3:44 mark in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] KBS KONG

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