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First Ever for an Idol, BTOB`s Eunkwang Showed off His Incomplete Shaved Legs on a Recent Broadcast


| 11 Jul, 2018

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Eunkwang being Eunkwang again. 

BTOB did a Lie V broadcast through V live and got comfortable in their beds and pajamas, so comfortable that Eunkwang did something probably no idols have ever done it on any broadcast before. 

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Eunkwang lifted up his pajama pants on the right to reveal his incomplete shaved leg where some parts of his leg could be seen clean while the others are not. 

Image Source: V LiVE

Still, not minding about it, he stretched his legs high and straightly, definitely became one of the highlights of the broadcast. 

Source: [Youtube] M2

Thumbnail Credit: silver_way1122

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