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First Video Teaser of EXO Suho and Ha Yeonsoo`s Drama [Rich Man, Poor Woman] has Been Released!


| 18 Apr, 2018

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On April 17th, the first drama teaser was released!

In the first teaser, Suho enters a room and passes by Kim Yewon and Oh Changsuk. He looks at their faces but unable to recognize them. Suho then reaches Ha Yeonsoo and look at her face. Suddenly, all of the screens disappear to show her face, hinting at a special relationship between the two.

The upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama is a remake of popular 2012 Japanese romantic comedy. The drama will focus the story of genius CEO Lee Yoochan (EXO's Suho), who has face blindness (prosopagnosia) and is unable to recognize people. Partnered up with the CEO, optimistic job seeker Kim Bora (Ha Yeonsoo) has a brilliant memory, just right to overcome Lee Yoochan's weakness.

Watch yourself the video teaser above to find out more!

Source: [Youtube] iHQ

Thumbnail Credit: Youtube 'iHQ' Screenshot

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