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Following BTS, BLACKPINK and iKON are Confirmed for This Year`s [Melon Music Awards]


| 19 Nov, 2018

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BLACKPINK and iKON are coming to the '2018 Melon Music Awards'!

On November 19th, the two YG Entertainment's groups have been confirmed to come and perform at the '2018 Melon Music Awards.' They become the second and third artists who have been confirmed for the awards ceremony, after BTS. 

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Image Source: SPOTV STAR

Image Source: Youtube '더스타 / The STAR' Screenshot 

Not to mention, as soon as the news came up, fans have all been so excited for it, since groups from YG Entertainment do not come to the awards ceremony as often as groups from the other agencies. The '2018 Melon Music Awards' will be held on December 1st at Gocheok Sky Dome. 

Are you looking forward to the awards ceremony, ladies and gentlemen?

Source: [Youtube] BLACKPINK, iKON

Thumbnail Credit: 꽃보다 퍼스트라이트, ASAMI

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