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Following Their Success in Korea, iKON Made the Chinese Version of [Love Scenario]


/ 13 Jul, 2018

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The Chinese version of iKON's 'Love Scenario' has been out!

According to Chinese media outlet Sina, the Chinese version of the hit song was released on July 12th. The Chinese version is a way of iKON members to thank their Chinese fans who continuously shower them with love and support. iKON worked together with famous Chinese singer-songwriter, Hu Yanbin (as known as Tiger Hu; formerly known as Anson Hu), for the lyrics translation. 

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Image Source: Weibo 'iKON-OFFICIAL'

In the making film of iKON's Chinese version of 'Love Scenario,' the seven members look all comfortable, working their best with Hu Yanbin. 

Hu Yanbin said, "They sing so well and their Chinese pronunciation is so clear. Everything is perfect and it seems like they have practiced for this for a very long time." He continued, "Working with iKON in translating the lyrics from Korean to Chinese makes me believe that it's a good opportunity for future works."

Source: [Youtube] nazek hlel

Thumbnail Credit: YG Entertainment

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