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Footage of the First Lady Dancing to K-Pop Songs is Everything You Need to Save Your Day


| 11 Jul, 2018

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South Korea's first lady Kim Jungsook has shown the best moves she has for K-pop songs.

During the diplomatic travel she had with President Moon Jaein to India, she attended the 'Changwon K-Pop World Festival' in New Delhi. While seeing the stage performance, first lady Kim Jungsook was caught on camera enjoying K-pop songs to the fullest. Not only that, she even moved her body along the melody, showing the key point dance at her seat. 

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Image Source: Youtube '대한민국청와대' Screenshot

Needless to say, fans smile ear-to-ear seeing how adorable the first lady is. Some of the comments for her found on the web read, "She is so cute", "I love Kim Jungsook, I think she is the best politician in this whole universe", "She even knows some of the key point dance", and more.  

Check out the video above to know more!

Source: [Youtube] 대한민국청와대

Thumbnail Credit: NUNA V, ABC News

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