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Fraud Tried to Hack Lee Jongsuk`s Instagram Account, the Actor Quickly Asked Him/Her to Stop


| 28 Nov, 2018

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Lee Jongsuk was a target of a hacker. 

On November 27th, the actor took to his Instagram and uploaded a screenshot of the notification he received. He wrote, "Who are you.. Please don't do this.." It turned out that a fraud has tried to access his Instagram account. The notification gave an alert that there's an attempt to login to his Instagram account from the device he has never used before. 

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It's a common thing for frauds to try hacking public figures' accounts. Another possibility is that it might be sasaengs who want to know more about the celebrity's private life. To this, a lot of his followers have left comments and told him to quickly changed his password to prevent the hacker accessing his profile. 

We hope nothing serious will happen and this issue can be resolved as soon as possible.

Source: [Youtube] SBSNOW & [Instagram] jongsuk0206

Thumbnail Credit: SBSfunE, Instiz

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