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GFRIEND`s SinB Dislocated Her Shoulder While Performing in Manila, Draws Attention


| 28 Aug, 2018

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GFRIEND's SinB has garnered attention for allegedly dislocated her right shoulder while performing on the stage.

On August 26th, GFRIEND held their concert in Manila and performed their hits in front of thousands of fans coming to the event. While everything looked just fine, SinB has now made people worried for allegedly dislocating her right shoulder. It was all happened when the group performed 'Love Whisper,' and SinB suddenly struggling to move her right arm. However, she finished the performance, holding back the pain. 

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Image Source: Youtube 'saya2158やっさん/さや' Screenshot

According to fans coming to the concert, SinB also did not participate in the hitouch event after the concert, due to the injury. GFRIEND's agency, Source Music, has not released any statement regarding the issue.

You can watch the fancam above to see how SinB struggled to move her right arm starting from the middle of her performance. 

Source: [Youtube] saya2158やっさん/さや

Thumbnail Credit: flipped, Youtube 'saya2158やっさん/さや' Screenshot

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