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GOT7`s Bambam Decided NOT to Go to the Military after the Quota Fulfilled Before His Turn


| 10 Apr, 2018

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The result has been finally out. And fans can take a deep breathe now. 

On April 9th, Bambam visited the military draft lottery venue to decide whether or not he needs to serve as an active duty soldier in Thailand. In the country, military service is mandatory only for the "chosen" men. Every eligible man who is mentally and physically healthy need to enter the draft lottery for the army. They select a card out of a box; if it is red, he will serve for two years but if it is black, he is exempt.

Image Source: iNNnews

Since the quota for the volunteer has been full even before his turn, Bambam has been exempted from the military. Congratulations to Bambam!

Source: [Youtube] nanna Got7

Thumbnail Credit: SUNSHINEMT, Devilfilm

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