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GOT7`s Bambam Just Met This Guy During the Enlistment Draw... And Fans are Smiling Over Their Short Acquaintance


| 12 Apr, 2018

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Introducing 'GamBam' who lived for a day. 

GOT7's Bambam was in Thailand for his enlistment draw on April 9th. At the draw site, there was no one sitting beside Bambam until a guy in white came forward after the GOT7 member removed the files on the seat next to him. Despite being awkward with one another, the guy who is later known as 'Game,' managed to take selfies with Bambam in a short amount of time.

Image Source: Game 

They could also be seen sharing small talks during the wait. Game also jokingly said that "Mark is not here so there's only GamBam(pairing name for Bambam and himself)." 

Image Source: Youtube 'Anisa 사랑 kpop' Screenshot 

Bambam does not have to be enlisted because the quota has been filled before his turn. Watch the moment in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] Anisa 사랑 kpop

Thumbnail Credit: ik0124

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