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GOT7`s JB was Left Flustered when the MCs Ended His Call with JYP when It was His Turn and Here`s What Happen


| 20 Sep, 2018

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JB was definitely worried for real. 

GOT7 who made a comeback with their latest album, ‘Present: YOU’ with title track ‘Lullaby’ guested on a recent episode of ‘Idol Room.’ The boys were given an amount of time on the phone with their CEO, JYP himself while the CEO had to guess the keywords explained by the boys.

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Due to the time limit, JB’s call was ended with a push of the end call button by the MC when the leader was in the midst of explaining. Through his expression, JB sure was caught by a huge surprise before exclaiming, “You just end it off like that?” 

Image Source: Youtube 'Planet Peach' Screenshot

JB was so flustered that he stood up and went, “No... I mean... I...” hardly even able to get his words out right. 

Watch the moment at the 3:08 mark in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] Planet Peach

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