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GOT7`s Jackson Burst into Tears as He Spoke about How He was Despised at People Underestimating His Music


/ 4 Jun, 2018

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Jackson shed tears after he shared how people underestimate him and his music. 

On June 3rd, GOT7's Jackson held a fan meeting 'SUPER X' in Shenzhen. During the event, Jackson suddenly got serious, talking about how many people still underestimate his works. He said, "All along, I'm really tired. My heart is so tired of being looked down by others. Apart from you guys, everyone else looks down on me. 

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Image Source: Twitter '@wonderstruck328'

Jackson then continued, "But today, I did it. I did music. I know who is always by my side supporting me. I'm not blind. I'm really grateful." As soon as he said so, he burst into tears and could not say any more words. 

You can watch the fancam above to see more.

Source: [Youtube] BTS,GOT7,EXO K-POP 

Thumbnail Credit: HONEYJACKSON852, AngelJacksonW852

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