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GOT7`s Youngjae Drops a Special Cover of Song Written by Sewol Ferry Victim


/ 16 Apr, 2018

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Youngjae paid a respect for the victim of Sewol Ferry tragedy with a special song cover.

On April 16th, the member of GOT7 released a special cover of a song written by one of Sewol Ferry tragedy, Lee Dawoon. Lee Da Woon had a dream to become a singer-songwriter and was part of a band as the vocals. However, he passed away from the tragedy before realizing his dream.

The song has been previously covered by 4Men's Shin Yongjae. The song lyrics read,

"You, who I love, you did well today as always
You are going through a difficult time
and I want to give you a hug
You’re probably having a good dream
just about now
While I’m awake thinking about you
Although want to give you a shoulder massage
But know that my heart is always with you
This song I wrote, I’m singing it for you"

You can listen to GOT7 Yongjae's full cover of the song here.

Source: [Youtube] 스브스뉴스 SUBUSU NEWS & [Instagram] 333cyj333

Thumbnail Credit: Twitter '@gyeomdeng_ing,' Pinterest 'Goh eunji'

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