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Girls` Generation Tiffany`s Father Accused of Fraud, She Said She has Cut Contact with Him Since 7 Years Ago


|  5 Dec, 2018

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Tiffany revealed that she doesn't keep in touch with her father. 

On December 4th, Girls' Generation Tiffany's father made headlines for allegedly became a fraud. The claimer said that he was the victim of fraud by Tiffany's father in Manila, the Philippines back in 2007. The supposed victim revealed, "I used to trust him and lent him money but I wasn't able to get it back. I gave up on it for the past 10 years, but I'm now gaining the strength to speak up. The last time I was able to contact him was in April this year." According to the claimer, Tiffany's father has undergone major surgery in America.

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A day later, on December 5th, a representative from Tiffany's agency responded, "It has been hard for Tiffany but she has decided not to contact with her father." The agency continued, "Tiffany had hard times due to various things related to her father's problems. She has also once paid for her father's debt. At that time, she thought that as a family member, she had to help her father." 

Image Source: TV REPORT

Tiffany said, "I had received threats from my father and his friends repetitively. I could not cope with that and decided to end contact with her father. It has been 7 years." She concluded, "It's hard to make a statement about something not good like this. I am sorry for everyone who has become the victims and hurt because of this"

What do you think about this issue, ladies and gentlemen?

Source: [Youtube] Tiffany Young

Thumbnail Credit: ELLE, Newsen

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