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Girls`s Day`s Yoora and Sojin Were Caught in the Airport with their Perfect Autumn Attire


/ 23 Sep, 2017

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Sojin and Yura were invited to K-concert in Sydney, so they showed up in the airport to head to Australia. 

Sojin wore a pink blazer that well suited with her white, laced midi-length skirt, and Yura wore the classic grey plaid long coat that made her look taller. She also matched the coat with a high-waist long jeans that made her legs look longer. These girls will be participating in the upcoming  K-pop concert in Sydney, so stay tuned. 

Image Source: OSEN 

Image Source: Weekly Sports 

For more of Yura and Sojin interaction, watch the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] kz 

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