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Gong Yoo Had a New Hairstyle in His Recent Commercial Film... He Looked 10 Years Younger


/  1 May, 2018

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Actor Gong Yoo flutters fans' heart with his new look.

With a slight change in his hairstyle, Gong Yoo has once again made everyone's jaw-dropped. In his recent commercial film for 'coway,' the actor looks casual with his straight bangs, leaving out his trademark permed hair and the popular comma-hair. As a reminder, Gong Yoo will turn 40 this year but, of course, no one can easily understand how a 40-year-old man can look like him.

Image Source: Instagram '@management_soop

Needless to say, fans have once again flood him with comments, such as "Well, he is not an ahjussi but an oppa indeed", "It's hard to believe his real age", "How can be an old man look like Gong Yoo?" and more.

Watch the new commercial film above!

Source: [Youtube] 한국어 광고 HUB(KOREAN COMMERCIALS HUB) ★2

Thumbnail Credit: coway

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