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Gong Yoo Shows His Warm Heart in a New Campaign for UNICEF


| 21 Mar, 2018

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Gong Yoo is up for another UNICEF campaign.

The actor has been one of the Korean representatives for the organization. For the new team recruitment, Gong Yoo ask people to join him to do good deeds in a promotional video. He said, "Poverty, war, and disaster don't only appear in dramas or films. It's something that thousands of children have to face every day. If you joined me, you would be able to change their fate in real life."

Image Source: UNICEF

The ongoing campaign is for 'UNICEF Team,' which has been started from January this year. 'UNICEF Team' gathers people from all over the world to join forces helping the children in needs.

Check out Gong Yoo's promotional clip for 'UNICEF Team' above!

Source: [Youtube] GY_mysweetheart

Thumbnail Credit: UNICEF

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