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Gong Yoo was Taken Aback when the Staffs Forbade Him to Leave... It was All for a Special Surprise


| 28 Jun, 2018

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Gong Yoo was stopped from returning backstage at a recent event.

As the Asia-Pacific ambassador for Asus, Gong Yoo visited Taiwan for the brand’s event recently. After the ‘supposing’ end of the event, Gong Yoo was about to exit when he was stopped by the staffs.

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Gong Yoo could be seen looking flustered and took a step back before looking around. Soon, an early special birthday celebration took place on stage. Gong Yoo held his hands against his chest before laughingly went “I was surprised when I was about to leave and they stopped me...!” 

Image Source:  Youtube 'PlayIN' Screenshot

Watch the moment in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] PlayIN

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