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Goo Hyesun`s Agency Responded to Rumors Saying That the Actress is Pregnant


| 13 Jul, 2018

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Actress Goo Hyesun is involved in pregnancy rumors. 

On July 12th, the actress was spotted at the 22nd 'Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival' as one of the guests. The actress looked awesome with her black jumpsuit and silver accessories. However, this time, her "changing" face distracted fans more than her stylish fashion. Goo Hyesun looks chubbier -- and there was where the pregnancy rumors started. Some others said that she might have received surgeries or botox on her face.

Image Source: TV REPORT

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However, it all turned out to be false. Through her Instagram, the actress revealed that she has recently eaten much and gained 10kgs. She also posted a selfie of her allegedly "changing" face. 

On the morning of July 13th, her agency revealed, "She is not pregnant and she did not do any plastic surgery. Just as what she said, she just eats well and she has gained some weight. It seems like her face looks a bit different because she gained weight."

Source: [Youtube] 스포츠서울 & [Instagram] kookoo900

Thumbnail Credit: Instagram '@kookoo900,' TV REPORT

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