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Gugudan`s Sejung Beats Comedian Noh Hongchul In a Game


|  8 Apr, 2017

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Sejung beat Noh Hongchul with this.

During a broadcast of 'Talents for Sale' above, Gugudan's Kim Sejung, actor Lee Seojin, comedian Noh Hongchul and singer Kim Jongkook played a game called 'Son Byungho' to buy dessert. --(Everyone holds up five fingers and takes turns saying something they've done. Anyone who has also done what is mentioned must put down a finger.) When the game started, everyone picked Noh Hongchul as their target. To this, Hongchul lost the first game and he offered to start the second game. However, everyone attacked Hongchul again. When Hongchul had only one finger up, Sejung jokingly threw a jab at him saying "Someone who doesn't have a driver's license, holds finger!". (Hongchul lost his license for a DUI.) Hongchul lost the game and everyone clapped their hands with joy.

You can watch the moment in the video above.

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Source: [Youtube] zampark

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