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Haha will Feature the Word BTS in His Upcoming Song Lyrics, to Give a Special Mention to V


| 20 Jul, 2018

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Haha to give a special shout-out to BTS -- especially V. 

Haha will make a comeback this July with a single titled 'Dang Digi Bang (literal translation).' According to reports, the singer will feature BTS in his upcoming release. Not that he will collaborate with the boys, but Haha personally insert the words "BTS" and "V" in the song lyrics. Two lines from the song read, "Raise your head up" and "Feel BTS like V."

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When asked why he put "BTS" and "V" in the lyrics, Haha explained, "I like BTS, I just tried to be fun with the lyrics. You know how I feel right? I really want to be V." He was then asked about the reason choosing V over the other members. Haha said, "All the members are handsome but I think V is the most handsome. I think BTS is so cool."

Image Source: Mnet

Haha once met BTS on Mnet's 'Yaman TV.' Back then, as soon as he saw V in person, Haha asked him, "Hey, you are popular among girls, aren't you?" Well, it seems like Haha is a hardcore fan of Taehyung, after all! 

Are you excited for Haha's new song which is set to be released on the 24th? 

Source: [Youtube] 꽃보다민윤기

Thumbnail Credit: The Qoo, Luvin_TaeTae

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