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Haters Used to Bash NU`EST`s Baekho as a Plus-Size Idol... This New Pictorial Shuts Their Mouths


| 16 Oct, 2018

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NU'EST's Baekho flaunts with his defined body muscles in the new pictorials. 

The idol has recently worked together with fitness magazine 'Men's Health' for its November Issue. Baekho will be the cover of the magazine, where he poses confidently with his body-fit white sleeveless shirt and basic jeans. He dazzles with his overflowing masculine charms that will melt all women's heart in no time. 

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Image Source: Men's Health

It's not a secret that Baekho is definitely different from idols who oftentimes have a slim body. Baekho is famous for his thick and well-built posture. In fact, haters used to pick on his appearance, saying that being an idol doesn't suit him. However, Baekho's new pictorials with 'Men's Health' might prove all of the judges are wrong, right?  

Meanwhile, you can watch Baekho's greeting video for the magazine above.

Source: [Youtube] 맨즈헬스Men'sHealthKorea

Thumbnail Credit: Pledis Entertainment, Men's Health

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