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Heize was Seen with a Clock-Shaped Earring and Wannables are Touched After Realizing What It Signfied


| 15 Jun, 2018

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Heize had her clock-shaped earring set to a time that meant so much to Wanna One.

Heize who is in charge of the producing for Wanna One's The Heal subunit's track, 'Hourglass.' She also stood on stage with them on the day of their concert where the unit performed this very song. 

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During their stage, Heize could be seen wearing a clock-shaped earring on one side of her ear that was not covered by her hair. With HD camera's picture quality and zoom-ins, the clock, more specifically the time that could be seen showing 8:07.

Image Source: make sure that

This number should ring a bell in any Wannable's head. It's the date of Wanna One's debut which falls on August 7th, 2017. With the time stopping at 8:07, it represents the eternity of Wanna One regardlessly.

She recently uploaded another picture of a clock with its time set at 8:07 too.

Image Source: Instagram ''heizeheize'

Watch their performance in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] Mnet Official
Thumbnail Credit: make sure that

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