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Her Manager is Too Tired, This Top Girl Group Member Drove for Him Instead


| 24 Jul, 2018

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All fans must be jealous of him.

On July 22nd, Kwon Jongmo, the manager of A Pink's Jeong Eunji uploaded a short clip to his personal Instagram profile. In the short clip, Eunji is captured driving the car while saying to the camera, "Because Oppa is tired, I have to drive well then." The manager wrote in the caption, "All of my exhaustion has gone."

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For avid fans, it's nothing new that Eunji is close with her manager. Just like what you hear in the clip, Jeong Eunji herself even casually calls her manager 'Oppa.' 

Fans were flooding the post with praise for Eunji and loving message for the two's close relationship. Several of them read, "Our kind-hearted Eunji", "The manager is so lucky to have Eunji as his artist", "It's good to see the two playing around", "The manager is just as cute as Eunji, I love them both."

Source: [Youtube] MBCentertain & [Instagram] kwonjmo

Thumbnail Credit: Instiz, Instagram '@kwonjmo'

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