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Here are All Selfies and Self-Portrait of Ahn Jaehyun He Took While Filming Drama [Beauty Inside]


|  8 Nov, 2018

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Ahn Jaehyun continuously drops photos of him while filming for the drama. 

If you are following JTBC's drama 'Beauty Inside,' you must be familiar with Ahn Jaehyun's charming character, Ryu Eunho. Eunho is Han Segye (Seo Hyunjin)'s close friend who knows all about her secret. He is a prospective priest who is known for his peaceful and calm nature. He is involved in a love story with Kang Sara (Lee Dahae).

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While filming the drama, Ahn Jaehyun often took selfies of self-portrait of him and uploaded them on his personal Instagram account, to promote the drama. Here all of the selfies and self-portraits of Ahn Jaehyun from the drama you can enjoy!

Image Source: Instagram '@aagbanjh'

Source: [Youtube] JTBC Drama

Thumbnail Credit: Instagram '@aagbanjh'

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