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Here are the Complete Profiles of the Cleaning Fairies from the Drama [Clean with Passion for Now]


|  5 Dec, 2018

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Get to know the (handsome) cleaning fairies from the drama. 

If you watch 'Clean with Passion for Now,' you must be familiar with the cleaning fairies team. Yes, they are the three flower boys who work for Jang Sungkyul (played by Yoon Kyunsang) at his company, 'Cleaning Fairy.' 

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Image Source: JTBC

1. Hak Jin as Lee Donghyun

Hak Jin was born in 1991 and is a model and a rookie actor. He is a former pro volleyball player and having played professionally for 10 years until a knee injury forced him to quit. Hak Jin made himself known through the sports variety show 'Cool Kiz on the Block.'

Image Source: sidusHQ

2. Cha Inha as Hwang Jaemin

Cha Inha was born in 1992 and is a singer-actor under Fantagio Entertainment. He is a member of actor group Surprise U. 

Image Source: Fantagio Entertainment

3. Kim Minkyu as Jeon Youngsik

Kim Minkyu was born in 1988 and is an actor. He has been featured in various dramas 'I'm not a Robot,' 'Fight for My Way,' 'Oh My Venus,' etc. as well as movies 'Soldier's Mementos' and 'Shadow Island.'

Image Source: neos Entertainment

So, which cleaning fairy is your favorite, people?

Source: [Youtube] JTBC Drama

Thumbnail Credit: JTBC, Instagram '@you_r_love'

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