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Here`s How Drastic Wanna One Kim Jaehwan`s Weight Loss Since His Debut


| 10 Sep, 2018

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Anyone can tell that Kim Jaehwan has lost quite much weight since his debut with Wanna One. 

Back during 'Produce 101 Season 2' and his early debut days, Kim Jaehwan was famous for his adorable chubby cheeks -- fans even nicknamed him as 'Mandu Jaehwan' (Dumpling Jaehwan). However, it seems like Kim Jaehwan has lost his weight quite much as we now can see his more defined jawline.

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We all used to be able to see his squishy chubby cheeks. 

Image Source: Insight

Image Source: Twitter '@lellysong'

But Jaehwan looks far more mature with his sharp jawline now. He looks just as good as when he used to be chubby, doesn't he? What do you think, ladies and gentlemen?

Image Source: Twitter '@hwandmike'

Source: [Youtube] 오늘도행복환

Thumbnail Credit: Insight, Twitter '@needyou0527'

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