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Here`s How Much Money SM, JYP, and YG Entertainment Really Made in the First Quarter of 2018


| 17 May, 2018

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The big three have made such huge money in the first quarter of the year.

Recently, the income and the profit of the three agencies have been released, and it might make your jaw drops. It's not a secret anymore that SM, JYP, and YG are indeed huge in the industry. The fact that they have been established for such a long time and how they have high-quality artists make it all understand how they make such a huge amount of money. 

SM Entertainment, with their ace NCT for the first quarter of 2018, has managed to make KRW 110.6 billion in revenue. The agency got approximately 10% in their net profit, as they made a total of KRW 11.4 billion for the first three months.

Following SM is YG. YG Entertainment made KRW 77.2 billion in revenue but their profit was 'only' KRW 700 million. This quite different with JYP Entertainment. JYP made less in revenue (KRW 23 billion), but the agency managed to have a net profit of KRW 1.8 billion.

Source: [Youtube] SMTOWN

Thumbnail Credit: DAZED, ELLE, JYP Entertainment

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