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Here`s How Much SM Entertainment Really Made from TVXQ`s Enormous Concert in Japan


|  3 Jul, 2018

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SM Entertainment has made indeed a lot of money, thanks to TVXQ's successful concert in Japan. 

As previously reported, TVXQ successfully wrapped their Nissan Stadium concert in Japan for 3 days in a row, making a total of 210,000 fans came to the event.  TVXQ is the only foreign group to have performed in Japan's biggest concert venue and also making it the second time they are holding their concert there following their last stage in 2013. They are also the only group overall to have held a 3 days concert consecutively in the venue. 

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Image Source: TVXQ! Express

So, how much have they made from the event? According to DB Financial Investment, the ticket sales for the three days concert record a total of KRW 27.1 billion (approximately USD 24.2 million). Moreover, it was reported that the merchandise sales record a total of KRW 29 billion 
(approximately USD 25.9 million)

Not to mention, TVXQ is still currently the artist with the highest income in SM Entertainment. TVXQ is popular not only in South Korea but also in other countries, including South East Asia countries, Europe, America, as well as Japan. 

Source: [Youtube] News-Ade

Thumbnail Credit: SM Entertainment, Twitter '@AktfTv5xq'

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