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Here`s How NU`EST Members Make Fun of Leader JR... And You Know They Love Each Other


|  8 Jun, 2018

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Members of NU'EST have their own ways to congratulate their leader JR's birthday. 

On June 8th, JR celebrates his 23rd birthday (international age). Ren and Aron took to their Instagram accounts and send birthday greetings to JR. While Ren is being all mischievous, throwing jokes to JR, Aron, the oldest member of the group warmly wishes JR the best for the happy day.  

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Ren uploaded a short clip of JR working out his back while writing in the caption, "Our small and precious leader JR!! Everyday and always~ I wish you happiness #2018 #LeaderKim #Happy #Birthday" Ren also put emoticons of a cake and a turtle.

Image Source: Instagram '@glorypath'

However, it seems like JR himself is not happy with the video. He left comments on the post, and the two ended up bickering on social media.

JR: Minki.. I am going back home... 

Ren: I will lock the door.......

JR: I am going up, friend... 

Image Source: Instagram '@nuestaron'

On the other hand, Aron, who uploaded a selfie of JR, pleased the leader. JR left comments on the post... and Ren joined them!

JR: Hyung uploaded a pretty photo of me.. Thank you 

Aron: Of course~ Hehe

Ren: I also uploaded a pretty one

JR: Open the door....

Ren: Minki is awaa~ay

How adorable!

Source: [Youtube] M2 & [Instagram] glorypath

Thumbnail Credit: PLEDIS

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