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Here`s the Book Which Inspires BTS for Their [Magic Shop]... It`s Now Become a Best Seller


| 11 Jun, 2018

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The book has got a huge increase in sales, all because of BTS. 

It was revealed that one of BTS' songs in their latest album was inspired by this book. It's no other than 'Magic Shop' which was inspired by the book 'Into the Magic Shop,' written by James R. Doty, MD. Thanks to the song, the book's sales have increased by 510 times and it has become a bestseller at Korean bookstores.

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Image Source: Kyobo

The author of the book has even noticed it and he thanked BTS for using his book as the inspiration of their song. He took to his Twitter account and mentioned BTS. 

Image Source: Twitter '@jamesrdotymd' 

So, have you read the book, ARMYs?

Source: [Youtube] KPOP. vine

Thumbnail Credit: 95 MIRACLE, Kyobo

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