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Here`s the Real Reason Why Park Seojoon Went to the Army Earlier Than Most of Other Male Stars


| 24 May, 2018

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Park Seojoon is one of the male celebrities who finishes military service early.

The actor made a drama debut through 'Dream High 2' and he continues to be featured in various hit dramas, including 'Shut up Family,' 'Pots of Gold,' 'One Warm Word,' 'Kill Me, Heal Me,' 'Witch's Romance,' 'She was Pretty,' 'Hwarang,' 'Fight for My Way,' and more. Park Seojoon will also be featured as the male lead role in tvN's upcoming drama 'What's Wrong with Secretary Kim.'

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Image Source:tvN

Not only drama but Park Seojoon has garnered much attention through films and variety shows. He has received much love from tvN's 'Yoon's Kitchen 2' and his film with Kang Haneul, 'Midnight Runners.'

Born in 1988, Park Seojoon is currently 29 years old -- the limit age for most Korean men to enlist in the army. However, it turned out that Park Seojoon has completed his service when he was only 23 years old (Korean age).

When asked about the reason for going to the military early, Park Seojoon said, "I was so worried back then. I just went to military early because I want to. It's a good thing to enlist in the military early." He continued, "Because I have finished all my military duties, I can work without taking breaks. People like the thing that I don't need any hiatus."

Source: [Youtube] yoojung417

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