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High School Photo of Lee Jongsuk Resurfaces as the Actor is in Talks with New Agency


| 27 Mar, 2018

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Lee Jongsuk's photo from his high school resurfaces as the actor become a hot topic for leaving YG Entertainment on March 26th.

Following his departure from YG which is set to be on March 31st, Lee Jongsuk is in talks to join YNK Entertainment. YNK Entertainment is a home for several top actors and actresses including Kim Hyunjoo, Kim Inkwon, Shin Hyesun, Lee Jooyeong, Stephanie Lee, and more.

Along with the news, a photo from his senior high school circulating yet again on the Internet. In the shared photo, it's true that Lee Jongsuk looks a bit old-fashioned but he's surely already had that visual from long time ago!

Image Source: Instiz

Looking at the photos, Netizens commented, "Lee Jongsuk was a top model at that time so that I guess his hairstyle was not usual", "At that time or not, he is handsome", "He was cute back then, but he has been tall even during his senior high school", "His chubby cheeks were so cute", and more.

Do you also find that the senior high school student Lee Jongsuk was cute?

Source: [Youtube] YG ENTERTAINMENT

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