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Highlight Members Revealed to Have Personally Cut Doojoon`s Hair and Gathered at 1 A.M Before the Day of Enlistment


|  1 Sep, 2018

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Doojoon's member took part in his haircut for his enlistment. 

In a clip released by Around Us Entertainment for Doojoon's enlistment didn't just include Doojoon's video message he left for his fans but also the behind the scene of his haircut on the night before his enlistment. He didn't do it all alone as his members were there physically and digitally with him. 

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The boys gathered at 1 A.M KST on the day of his enlistment after their schedule and video called Dongwoon who couldn't be there in person due to his schedule. Yoseob and Junhyung took the opportunity to personally cut their leader's hair while Dongwoon was silently looking through the screen. 

Image Source: Around Us Entertainment 

Fans are once again, touched by their strong brotherhood through this meaningful clip. Watch the moment in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] wooonmin

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