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Highlight Members wanted to Have Their Leader with Them at Their Concert So They `Brought` Him Along and Here`s What They Did


| 26 Nov, 2018

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They literally brought Doojoon along with them. 

Highlight recently had their concert ‘HIGHLIGHT LIVE 2018 [OUTRO]' on November 24th and 25th for two days respectively. Without their leader, Doojoon who is currently serving his military service, the boys still did an amazing job in filling up the empty space Doojoon left.

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Even though, the set list and performance were the same, there was something that only those who went to the last concert were able to see. That is, Doojoon himself or more specifically, Doojoon’s standee. 

Image Source:Twitter ‘heyoseop1016’ 

Doojoon’s standee was being brought out to the photozone outside the venue and fans went insane the moment that happened. The standee was then being discussed during the concert and the boys shared that they brought the standee because it’s the last concert. 

The standee was then brought backstage and the boys carried Doojoon horizontally to take a group photo together too. 

Image Source: Instagram ‘yysbeast’ 

Source: [Youtube] 커피우유

Thumbnail Credit: Instagram ‘yysbeast,’ Twitter ‘heyoseop1016’

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