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Highlight`s Yoon Doojoon Predicted South Korea vs Germany World Cup Match... And It`s Happening


| 28 Jun, 2018

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South Korea won over Germany at the '2018 World Cup,' and Highlight's Yoon Doojoon has predicted it a long time ago. 

On June 27th KST, South Korea has written a history, winning over Germany by 2-0 in the World Cup's football match. No one has predicted the result as Germany is popular for football and, in fact, they ranked 1st among all countries. Well, no one predicted it,  except Highlight's Yoon Doojoon. 

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On June 11th, Yoon Doojoon came to 'KBS 2TV's 'Ball Show Lee Young Pyo' as one of the guests. He represented South Korea and discussed about the possible result with the other panelists. Back then, he said that there would be an unexpected result for Germany -- that the team would likely not to be able to make into the next round. Of course, people thought that he was out of his mind since almost everyone believed that Germany will be qualified to the big 16 at ease. 

Image Source: KBS

Now that the match ended as he said, it seems like football lovers should believe on Yoon Doojoon more... 

Source: [Youtube] FIFATV

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