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HyunA Shared How Different Her Friends and Herself would React when PENTAGON`s [Shine] Comes on


| 22 Jul, 2018

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Here's how HyunA reacted when 'Shine' comes on in a public space. 

Cube Entertainment unit, 'Triple H' made their comeback with 'Retro Future' and did an interview with '1theK' as they brought up the topic of PENTAGON's latest release, 'Shine.' 

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HyunA shared that "I liked the song even before it was being released so I really hope a lot of people like it too." She added that "I went to the movies with my friends and we went to a donut shop when this song came on. At that moment, I was like 'My kids!' and felt so happy. I didn't want to make it obvious so I just observed for a little while and my friends were like 'Oh? Your kids' song is coming on!' and I felt really proud that the song I like, many like it too."

Image Source: Youtube '1theK (원더케이)' Screenshot

Watch the moment at the 6:09 mark in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] 1theK (원더케이)

Thumbnail Credit: lukewarm

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