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INFINITE Members Talked About How Sunggyu Influenced Them into Re-Contracting


| 25 Jan, 2018

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The true power of a leader. 

In their recent radio show guesting, the topic about the group's re-contract came on. Sungyeol jokingly interrupted Sunggyu saying that the leader 'threatened' the members when the leader was about to explain. Jokes aside, Sunggyu went, "(I told them that)Choices are to be made on your own. It's your life. With no regrets. As you will be choosing your own life, rather than me saying it, I hope you guys will be able to make a choice on your own. Even so, I am going to do it(INFINITE)!"

Sunggyu added that, "I paid for the meal that day and told them to do as they think it's appropriate." Sungyeol said, "From the very beginning, I told him that I will unconditionally go wherever hyung(Sunggyu) goes." 

The youngest spoke his mind as he went, "I wanted to protect the team so with Sunggyu hyung doing well this far as well as our members, I think that it is right to trust and follow after." Dongwoo said, "Sunggyu hyung is looking at the reality clearer than I expected so I decided to trust him a lot and follow after him." 

The members only get stronger from here. Watch the radio segment in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] 무한히무한이들

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