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INFINITE`s L Shared This One Thing That He is Really Envious of Kang Hodong in His Recent Show Appearance


| 17 Jun, 2018

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L is envious of Kang Hodong for this one thing in particular. 

INFINITE's L and actress Go Ara guested on the latest episode of 'Ask Us Anything' when L made the casts guessed about one thing that he is envious of Kang Hodong. 

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After numerous guesses by the casts, the answer was out when Heechul shouted "Magic straight perm!" L explained that "All of you  don't need magic perms right? All of you are having straight hairs. But for me, I have really curly hair."

Image Source: Youtube 'JTBC Entertainment' Screenshot

He later showed his graduation picture which surprised the casts with the curly hair that young L had. When asked if he wants to be born with straight hair but with Kang Hodong's face, L replied that "I love myself." 

Watch the moment in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] JTBC Entertainment

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