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INFINITE`s Sunggyu Completed Basic Military Training, L Paid a Visit


| 27 Jun, 2018

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Fans got an update from Kim Sunggyu after a while. 

On June 27th, Kim Sunggyu took to the group's official Twitter account to tell fans that he has finished the basic military training and shared photos of L visiting him. He wrote, "Training soldier #122 Kim Sunggyu! I greet #Inspirit after successfully wrapping up the basic training closing ceremony, salute! And Myeowing Myeowing came to visit our Woollim captain's closing ceremony. It's quite a while since you saw a two-shot of Myeowing Myeowing and Ggyu-nim, right? Which must be why I'm even happier to see him and it's making me tear up. Anyway, Ggyu-nim is doing well so please don't worry, #Inspirit."

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Image Source: Twitter '@Official_IFNT'

Following the completion of his basic military training, Kim Sunggyu will be soon assigned to a base for the remainder of his mandatory service. Salute, Kim Sunggyu! 

Source: [Youtube] woolliment

Thumbnail Credit: Twitter '@Official_IFNT'

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