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INFINITE`s Woohyun Sang [Be Mine] All Alone... At His Brother`s Wedding


|  5 Jul, 2018

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Woohyun sang the nuptial for his brother's wedding. 

INFINITE's Woohyun was seen at a private wedding recently and it was no other than his very own brother's special day, the latter's wedding. 

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On this day, Woohyun was dressed in a suit and took on the mic for a special stage for the newlywed as he sang his group's iconic track, 'Be Mine' while covering his members part all alone. 

Image Source: Youtube 'RineEScreenshot

Despite so, the vocalist of INFINITE was able to leave this day impressionable for everyone. Watch the moment in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] RineE

Thumbnail Credit: track u

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