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IU Explained How She Hesitated a Lot Before Taking Her Controversial Character in [My Ahjussi]


| 12 Apr, 2018

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IU revealed how she had been hesitating a lot before finally agreeing to take the role on tvN's 'My Mister'.

On April 11th, a press conference for the drama was held at Yongdeungpo Times Square, Seoul. To the media, IU revealed, "It was hard for me to take the character because back in 2015, I got the problem about my music (IU was accused of using lolita concept for her song 'Zeze'). I said that to the producer, but he said that with that, I can stand out even more. That's how I got cast in the drama."

She continued, "The character of Ji Ahn has a lot of scars from the past, and she's quite defensive. In the beginning when I had to get into the role, I felt I was being flung around as I got used to Jiahn. Now the weather is more like spring, and in the drama, Ji Ahn is meeting with elders and becoming more mature. Just like this, my attitude about her, as well as Ji Ahn herself, is getting brighter."

Are you enjoying the drama, people?

Source: [Youtube] 1theK (원더케이)

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