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IU Forgot the Lyrics to [Palette] at a Recent Stage and Her Reaction was Priceless


/ 14 May, 2018

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IU just stood still.

IU recently performed at the 'Iseul Live Festival' and presented a series of stages including her refreshing release, 'Palette.' However, on this day, IU definitely made this stage unforgettable whe she forgot the lyrics to her song. 

She could be seen singing to the song until she paused at one point before continuing on with the lyrics she could remember. She frowned cutely as she tilted her head a little before smiling when she was able to continue. 

Image Source: Youtube 'Spinel CAM' Screenshot

Watch the adorable moment at the 2:09 mark in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] Spinel CAM

Thumbnail Credit: onlyforiu0516, Moonlight

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