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IU Left a Warm Message for Fans, Thanking Them for Her 10th Anniversary Since Debut


| 18 Sep, 2018

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IU has melted fans' heart with her words. 

On September 17th, IU took to her official V LIVE channel and did a broadcast of 'IU's ASMR' as a special gift for fans, celebrating her 10th debut anniversary. During the live broadcast, the singer used it as a chance to express her feelings towards fans. She started, "Now I am not shy to say that I love you. Let's live happily in our own world. I know I'm still lacking of things, please take care of me."

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Image Source: V LIVE 'IU' Screenshot

IU then continued, "I hope that everything will be more relaxed compared to these 10 years. It's not only me but also you; all of us. I wonder how should we make our next 10 years. Just like usual, let's enjoy things like what we always do. I think I cannot forget UAENA (IU's fans) even only for an hour. You all have worked so hard. Without UAENA, the last 10 years would not be the same. I think I will not be strong without my cheerleaders, I think I will not make it without you guys." 

The singer then concluded, "I really want to say that we all have worked so hard. You all have worked so hard. I really think that we have worked hard without taking breaks these 10 years. I am not regretting anything about it."

Source: [V LIVE] IU 

Thumbnail Credit: 유진, KAKAO M

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