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IU Recalls when a Female Fan Cheered So Loud at Her [Good Day] Music Stage That Nearly Made Her Cry in a Past Broadcast


| 30 Sep, 2018

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IU talked about a memorable music broadcast stage she experienced. 

IU guested on 'Strong Heart' years back and one of most impressionable sharing she did was definitely how she pulled through the early stages of her debut and a particular fan experience that touched her. 

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IU talked about the insults she got from her debut track, 'Lost Child' and only when 'Good Day' was being released that it all changed. She recalled, "At the first broadcast of 'Good Day,' only one of my fan made it into the music broadcast studio," talking about the female fan on the day. She continued, "Even a little cheer would have made me so happy. There was fan chant in my song and that fan did it all by herself with all her might that I was able to hear it on stage." 

Image Source: Youtube 'ah-i-yu amsiral' Screenshot

She added, "It was for me to not lose my self-esteem. I was doing my stage but nearly teared up then."

Watch the moment in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] ah-i-yu amsiral

Thumbnail Credit: Moonlight

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