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IU Reveals Thoughts on Her Controversial 19+ Scene in Ongoing Drama [My Mister]


/ 23 Mar, 2018

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IU shared her comments on the scene which has garnered much attention.

Many people claim that the scene where she got beaten up by Jang Kiyong should be labeled 19+ as it went too brutal for a TV drama. In the scene, Lee Kwangil (played by Jang Kiyong) threatened and violently beating Lee Jian (played by IU), who has borrowed money from him.

The scene has now been reported to the Korea Communications Standards Commission (KCSC). As a response, a rep from the KCSC revealed, "It is true that we have received many reports about 'My Mister.' We will investigate it and if deemed problematic, we will take action according to the rules."

Image Source: V LIVE

About the particular scene, IU herself has explained, "Lee Jian and Lee Kwangil are two characters who have complicated stories in the past. My character is clearly in an enemy relationship with Jang Kiyong's. Jian and Kwangil's story will be resolved from now on. Please look forward to it and watch the drama."

What do you think about this, ladies and gentlemen?

Source: [Youtube] eNEWS24

Thumbnail Credit: IUstudio.net, Youtube 'eNEWS24' Screenshot

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