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IU Spotted to Have Sweet Date with This Cast of [Moon Lovers: Ryeo]!


| 16 Mar, 2018

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IU spent great times with this cast of 'Moon Lovers: Ryeo.'

But, no, IU's date is not one of the princes like you might think -- it's Kang Hanna. Although Kang Hanna played an antagonist character in the drama, Queen Daemok, it seems IU and her are close as friends, even long time after the drama came to an end!

On March 16th, IU took to her Instagram and shared several photos she took with Kang Hanna during their date, IU wrote in the caption, "With the queen of dimples." In the photos, IU and Kang Hanna spotted enjoying coffee and strawberry desserts in a small cafe. It was also revealed that not only two of them spent times together, but also with one of their friends.

Image Source: Instiz

It's good to see IU and Kang Hanna close as friends, right?

Source: [Youtube] SBSNOW

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