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If You are a Fan of the Drama [Beauty Inside], You will Fall in Love with SEVENTEEN`s Seungkwan Cover of K.Will`s [Beautiful Moment]


| 30 Dec, 2018

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A beautiful Christmas gift indeed. 

SEVENTEEN's Seungkwan dropped a surprise gift for Carats, a Christmas gift too as this gift was released on Christmas itself. On this day, Seungkwan released a clip of him covering K.Will's 'Beautiful Moment' which is the well-loved soundtrack from the drama, 'Beauty Inside.' 

Image Source: Youtube 'SEVENTEEN' Screenshot

The drama has been receiving much love and has just ended not long ago, therefore this cover could be seen not just as a gift for Carats but also to the drama lovers. Unlike K.Will's version with the singer's own husky voice, Seungkwan's version gave the song another color, along with the beautiful night view of Seoul just right behind him. 

Watch the cover in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] SEVENTEEN

Thumbnail Credit: iMBC, Boo Lover

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