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Immediately After Landing in Korea, Red Velvet`s Irene and Yeri were Seen at TWICE`s Concert, Proving the Strong Support for the Group


| 26 May, 2018

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Irene and Yeri were seen attending TWICE's concert despite their long flight. 

Red Velvet landed in Seoul after their long flight back from their schedule in Europe on May 19th.

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Instead of resting after their flight, Irene and Yeri were seen attending TWICE concert that happened on the very same day. Not showing even a sign of tiredness, they actively danced to the choreographies and were seen enjoying the concert with both a light stick in their hand. 

Image Source: Youtube 'Anisa 사랑 kpop' Screenshot

It's no secret that these two girl groups are close buddies off stage. 

Source: [Youtube] Anisa 사랑 kpop

Thumbnail Credit: Aromatic Citrus

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